search engine optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation

I am assuming you are like most others that wants to rank to the top of Google in the organic results. This takes time, money and effort of article writing, press releases, social media posting, video publishing and more. It’s not all bad – I mean it is quite enjoyable for some… wink wink.

Quite often companies aim is to rank their main key phrase, e.g. “Brisbane Mortgage Broker”. However, once they are there, they realise that this is only part of the battle. Site visitors must still be converted to clients. This is where most get left behind. Sure, they will still see benefits of ranking for their golden key phrase “Brisbane mortgage broker”, but they could be doing significantly better.

What if you could rank for more less-prominent key phrases while you were building to that top position? And to compensate for less traffic, you focused your efforts on other factors like conversion. What I am talking about is building your site’s relevancy by providing an excellent user experience through content marketing of useful information that establishes you business and employees as authorities in your field.

Ironically, by building site visits via this strategy, you will increase your chances of being ranked for your “golden key phrase”.

This is exactly what NetClick do.

We don’t wait until we get you top position to benefit from SEO. We make it happen with a proper strategy that gets you results faster than other companies that focus all of their efforts for the one golden key phrase.

Search Engine Optimisation is establishing you and your team as authorities, building content that people love and share. It is not the ‘dark arts’ that some proclaim. It is part of an overall strategy.

Build your brand - gain respect in the marketplace.

  • Content Marketing
  • Press Releases
  • Profile Building

Establish your online reputation. Get noticed and tell your story. It’s a big world out there and with the internet – the sky is the limit.

Business planning & strategy

We take care of these services that are required to get you the best SEO results:

  • SEO strategy
  • Facebook & other Social Advertising
  • Authority articles
  • Video marketing
  • Blog posting
  • Social Media Management

Get involved with digital

Did you know that 80% of people ignore online ads? That’s right. Most people turn to organic search results (not page Google listings). There is one simple thing that visitors want. We know what it is. We build it into our campaigns – and it works.

Once you know the numbers. You know how to play the game. NetClick has the tools and systems to ensure that you get the maximum exposure throughout the internet in your local area. Is your team ready to shine? are you ready for an influx of clients? Time is getting away. The time to act is now. Get it started. Be proactive.

Probably not. 80% of all leads today require 5 follow-ups to close the sale. You don’t need to follow them up ONLY through phone. It can be email or snail mail. But you have to follow-up. Ignore this rule and you will be at a disadvantage. Let us show you the ULTIMATE in follow-ups that are not invasive or wreak of a salesman of the 80’s, but have an element of client care and genuineness. It works.

Are you ready to get started with NetClick?